Kissing Daylight is a mixed breed mutt of rock & roll. Punk, pop, hard rock, alternative, whatever. Music about life, death, sex, dreams, debuachery, magick, whatever. Edgey, melodic and a bit grimy at times. Music for the soul when your soul wants to be rocked. Figure out what we are for yourself and you tell us. It's your music to listen to. It can be whatever you want it to be.



We'll be playing Kenny Ozzfest on December 7th. It's our first show since May 4th, so we hope to see you all out! You can check out the details on our Events Calendar.


We'll be taking some time off this Summer to do, you know, summer things. Writing some new tunes will be one of those summer things, but we'll still be playing a few shows here and there also. In the meantime you can download our EP for free for your summer enjoyment. Free is good! Just click here for free.


We added a "members only" page to the site called "The Vault". It has some rare and vintage content from the band along with a few other things. This page is only available to members, so click on it and sign up!


There are no upcoming events right now.

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